Financial Planning for Retirement

IRAs, 401K, Pension, Life Insurances

Will your golden years be golden?

Growing older is never easy, but growing old and being concerned about your financial situation is just horrendous. At the Connecticut Institute of Finance we attempt to not only help you build that nest egg, but more importantly, when you reach the time in your life you need to access these funds, we can develop a plan to do it in a logical and in a tax efficient manner.

Retirement is the next great phase of life ? the start of a new adventure, full of promise. Most people spent their entire adult lives diligently working and saving for this moment. I’m sure many have already imagined what their future might look like. But whatever the goal, one thing is very apparent: retirement has changed – and so has your role in preparing for it. A greater responsibility has been placed on Americans saving for their future, and with this greater responsibility, may come some uncertainty.

New realities are re-shaping the American retirement. That calls for new strategies in your planning during the years leading up to retirement. And, it also calls for new strategies during retirement “distribution” years.

  • We’re probably going to live longer than past generations, so we need to prepare for a longer retirement.
  • The sequence of returns has a big impact on how long our money lasts.
  • We need to prepare for a retirement that will cost more.
  • Spending may not decrease in retirement.

Most of us have developed a certain amount of wealth during the accumulation phase of our life through dollar cost averaging into the market. We have done this through our retirement plans such as 401-k 403 B and 457 plans. We invest periodically in good times and bad. It is an efficient and mathematically sound way to invest and create wealth. Unfortunately all the positives of dollar cost averaging that worked for us in our accumulation phase work against us when we are taking periodic payments out of our investment to live on.

At the Connecticut Institute of Finance we will help you develop a financial plan that will:

  • Dramatically increase the possibility that you will not outlive you income.
  • Take into consideration the cost of living today and in the future.
  • Create a tax plan that will reduce, to the lowest level allowed by law, your tax liability
  • Help you recognize facilitate and achieve you retirement goals
  • And finally, as much as possible given your accumulated wealth, general health and personal outlook help you become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.