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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

February 27, 2024

         Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 

In the realm of dreams, where fortunes reside,

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, our spirits guide.

With ardor in heart and purpose so grand,

Hand in hand, we conquer, a united stand.


Through trials and toils of financial kind,

We craft a tapestry, life well-designed.

For riches lie not in coins amassed,

But in wisdom gained, our souls steadfast.


Challenges untold adorn our path,

Where Health, Wealth, and Wisdom interweave, unmasked.

Budgets and debts may cast their fierce guise,

Yet fearlessly we conquer, aiming for the skies.


Discerning wants from true needs, our decree,

Prudent deeds replace desires with glee.

Embracing discipline, we find our way,

To shores of abundance where dreams hold sway.


As wealth takes flight, joys bloom bright,

Manifesting dreams once hidden from sight.

Each milestone reached, spirits alight,

Labor's fruits ignite, filling life with light.


Wealth alone, a transient goal, we find,

In wisdom's embrace, solace for the mind.

Seeking knowledge, our foundation strong,

Navigating tides, gentle or wrong.


Books unveil truths, secrets untold,

Wisdom's treasury, ageless and bold.

Investing in self, passions we pursue,

Health, Wealth, and Wisdom, our spirits imbue.


Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, a triumphant blend,

True worth discovered; life's treasures transcend.

A life of abundance, Earth's cherished embrace,

This noble quest, we shall forever chase.