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Client Centered

Client Centered

At CTIOF we have created a goal oriented approach that incorporates an inter-disciplined financial team to help our clients become financially Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. At CTIOF, we find that most successful people work with an accountant, financial planner, insurance agent and a lawyer to develop a financial plan.

Unfortunately, even with the most successful people many of these professionals do not work together as a team and in truth many times they do not know each other and rather than working together creating a thoughtful coordinated plan they work in a discordant manner crafting a hodgepodge of contradictory financial goals which at best is inefficient, at worst is incompatible with the long term financial goals of the client.

Client Centered

What financial professionals have helped to develop your plan? Do they work together do they even know each other.

At CTIOF we work to create a financial team approach so as to coordinate your financial plan to efficiently include:

Tax efficiency, Tax reduction: Lowering your tax liability to the minimum amount allowed by law

Budgeting: Cash flow management is always key to financial success

Insurance: To protect the future of your family and the integrity of what you have already built.

Retirement Plans: To ensure that your golden years are truly golden parameters

Investments: that are in sync with your financial goals and risk

Legal Planning: Protecting you and your family with asset protection and estate planning

Let our team at CTIOF help you build a solid financial foundation

At the CTIOF we’re helping people to become financially Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

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